Insulation or Preparation

I was talking with a concerned parent the other day and they asked about how I thought the kids would do if they went to public school after being in such an insulated environment. I can imagine that this question may have crossed the minds of some our parents and I would like to share with you my response to this potential Bright Star parent.
The purpose of Bright Star is not to be separate or insulate our students from the wonderful community of Sulphur Springs. We will take every opportunity to engage with the community through special events, community projects and field trips. I do admit that the children are in a different environment than the one that the public school provides, just as living in Sulphur Springs instead of Dallas exposes our children to very different environments.
I want to make it very clear however that the focus of Bright Star Christian School is to prepare the children with tools, principles, skills and experience in order that they may be better equipped to deal with any challenges in their future. Academically this means teaching not just the skills to do math problems but also teaching math theory. By utilizing curriculum specifically designed to teach math theory we are making sure that the students have a basis for easily adjusting to any application of the mathematical principles involved.
Another example is our apologetics class that teaches our students to think morally and understand the principles of ethics. Bright Star students are expected not only to act properly and appropriately but to know why that action is appropriate and what principle in being served by its adherence. Taking this approach and using these tools we are preparing our students to excel in whatever environment they are placed in. With Christ as our foundation and God’s Glory our purpose, we expect ourselves and our students to SHINE!”

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