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Fall Party Fun

We had the 2010 Fall Party today. It was fun with bobbing for apples and tiedyed tshirts and apple swing. The kids and parents alike had such a good time!

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2010 Bright Star Sulphur River Expedition

On Friday afternoon October 15th Jonathan Kennedy lead an expedition of the Bright Star Students to the Sulphur River bottom to look for fossils, petrified wood and artifacts. The kids had a great time with their shovels and strainers. We found nautilus, coral, shells and even teeth. If fun can be measured in mud then […]

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Insulation or Preparation

I was talking with a concerned parent the other day and they asked about how I thought the kids would do if they went to public school after being in such an insulated environment. I can imagine that this question may have crossed the minds of some our parents and I would like to share […]

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